18 Apr 2011

Healing Classes

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We are well into our new round of healing classes and still new people are joining them. Some drive long distance.

It is wonderful to see the manifest power of God in action. In our class this week Julie was healed of foot pain. Zack was healed of back pain. Josh was told by God to open his healing handbook and it opened at the page for his eye condition. So he asked another student to pray for him in accordance with the book’s instructions. He shared how his eyes were now burning as he felt God’s power working in his eyes.

He shared on Sunday how he asked for the number of his mother’s friend, a former pastor, who was in Michigan suffering from severe back pain; and  he simply commanded a spirit of pain out of the man over the phone. He was instantly healed.

17 Apr 2011

Hilltop Seniors Outreach

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Our services continue twice a month at the Hilltop Seniors Village Community on the first and third Sunday of every month. We minister during the services to whoever asks us to. Here LaVonne is seen ministering healing to Betty.

04 Apr 2011

They danced with God!

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“Today New Hope Danced with God!” Not our words but those of Pastor Kevin Moehn, the Senior Pastor of New Hope Foursquare Church, Springfield, Ohio.

Pastor Kevin Moehn & Pastor Miguel Ten
Pastor Kevin Moehn & Pastor Miguel Ten

We had already decided we were going to ordain Pastor Miguel Ten when Pastor Kevin approached him to take his church for 7 weeks or so while on sabbatical. It was a confirmation from the Lord  — and a total surprise to Miguel, who had never been asked to do anything like it before and he wasn’t even ordained yet! Pastor Kevin told him that the Holy Spirit had identified him as the one to deputize for him and he said he doesn’t give his church to just anyone. Then Pastor Kevin made his church available to us for the ordination service.

Well Pastor Miguel recently completed his 7-8 weeks of services at New Hope and this is what Pastor Kevin wrote about it on Facebook to his congregation on his return:

“I want to thank my dear colleague, Pastor Miguel Ten, for his bold but tender care of you in my absence. His style is different, his personality is charismatic and his obedience to the Lord is pure. I am indebted to him for his passionate ministry at New Hope. I cherish our relationship and look forward to the future partnership of reaching our community for Jesus Christ and seeing God’s church explode with power and favor to the Glory of God. Pastor Miguel, you always have a home here at New Hope.”

Pastor Miguel gave his all…. and one of the things he passionately encouraged was to be free to worship and to dance before the Lord; and this is what Pastor Kevin posted on his own page on Facebook yesterday:

“Today at New Hope something broke loose from us, we felt a closeness with God that was fresh and new. It was like an “oil of gladness” covered us and no problem from the outside was allowed in. There were eruptions of Praise as well as quiet holy worship. There was a moment where I watched as adults opened up their hearts as children and danced before their God with beautiful childlike innocence and joy.

“During one of our songs as I stood with outstretched arms praying, it seemed as if a reverent hush fell upon us all and then it happened, God’s presence invaded our worship, as if King Jesus had walked into the room, and no one could remain silent. From the depth of our spirit shouts of praise and joy toward our Lord Jesus Christ lifted the roof and entered heavens throne room. In that Moment I sensed the Heavenly Angels who had been covering us begin to worship with us and blessing saturated the room. At the Spirit’s call we marched around the sanctuary singing. It was as if we were marching into His heavenly temple to present our praise to the Lord of Lords.

Psalm 68:3 But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice.

Today New Hope Danced with God!”

How wonderful is that!

Now, we are not posting this to glorify any man nor do we seek to claim anything for Lion and Eagle Ministries. It’s all the work of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God.

But why should we not celebrate and publicize to God’s glory, the fruit of two men moving in obedience to God and God moving so lovingly and powerfully in the lives of his people? God bless Pastor Miguel and Pastor Kevin for their obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. And God bless Pastor Miguel for his love, passion for the Lord, diligence and commitment.


03 Apr 2011

Praise Reports!

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Blessed out of his socks! We can say that with confidence because in our worship service today he was dancing before the Lord in his bare feet!

How much blessing can a young man take? Zack learned he was going to become a dad for the first time on the day that he also learned that he had passed his exam to become a licenced heating & cooling engineer. At the same time, he found an apartment for less rent and twice the space, including an indoor pool for year-round swimming and other facilities and night security. He has also been blessed with a very nice new car.

At the same time, he was diagnosed with a heart murmur when he had a recurrence of chest pains he once had as a child; but after Pastor Eric ministered to him, the hospital could no longer find an abnormality. Although there were faint traces that there had been a problem, the problem had disappeared completely. He is pictured above with his all-clear report.

He is also pictured on his knees in worship of his Savior Jesus Christ who has blessed him with infinitely more than just these things – Jesus has blessed him with eternal life!

We also post above a photo of Josh worshiping in our service today. Legally blind, he says that his eyes have been improving since he’s been coming to LECC.

There’s also a picture of both Zack and Josh in exuberant praise of God! Click on the images to enlarge them.

We also received a great praise report at our seniors’ service this afternoon – the son of a lady for whom we had been asked to pray has been given an all-clear from cancer. He had been diagnosed with a tumor but we prayed and when he went in to have it removed, they couldn’t find it. It was gone! Hallelujah!

Glory to God! He is GOOD!


28 Mar 2011

New Healing School

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We began a new round of healing classes today. And what a blessing they are……always!

Andy in particular was healed of diverticulitis. He had been bed-ridden with pain for 2 days but he made it to the class. He was still in obvious discomfort; so we ministered, and he stood up pain-free. First, he stretched with no pain (upper photo). Then he wanted to dance with his wife! Finally, he danced by himself!

See the lower photo of him dancing and being videoed in the background. You would have done the same if you had received a miracle like his.

That’s the power of God. You can be healed today without incurring a fee — for Jesus paid the price for your healing two thousand years ago.

Why not come along to our classes on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. or to our Sunday services at Lion & Eagle Christian Center at 10:30 a.m. and receive your healing!

Then you can celebrate like Andy!

19 Mar 2011

New website launches

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You are now viewing our new website, which we launched today and our new logos.

The site boasts some interesting new features and we believe delivers a much greater impact.

Please feed back to us your thoughts and comments.

We hope that you will like it!

The news entries below reflect the entries on the previous site since October in order to give some continuity.

28 Feb 2011

Don’t be fooled!

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Don’t be fooled by the lack of posts to this page in February. A lot has been going on behind the scenes: much looking for land and buildings to house our growing church, and much activity surrounding a new website and a new logo for the church and ministry. We think you are going to like the new logo and website, which should launch soon.

We again hosted a Valentines Dinner for the couples in our church and it was a great success, even better than last year. The men of the church enjoyed a night of  ice hockey at the Nationwide Arena when the Columbus Blue Jackets creamed the Phoenix Coyotes 5-3 having been 0-2 down in the first period, including a hat trick by Matt Calvert. A very exciting game and lots of free stuff! A great night out for our guys!

This post would not be complete without thanks to God for His many blessings. His tangible presence in our meetings continues to rise in intensity, and our numbers continue to increase, hence our property search. We praise God for His faithfulness to us. Thank You, Jesus!

Come and be a part of what God is doing among us. You are assured of a warm welcome!

23 Jan 2011

Toledo, Ohio

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January 21-23

We were excited to receive an invitation to a revival conference at Westside Community Church in Toledo, Ohio where Evangelist Robyn Thom Rodgers was the speaker. We were blessed by her ministry and surprised when she twice prophesied over us, once on the Friday evening and again on Sunday morning. We were there by divine appointment.

All we will say about the words Robyn gave us is that she “read our mail” and spoke of our call for the healing of the nations. We were so encouraged and believe this was a pivotal time for our ministry.

06 Jan 2011

New in Liberia

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Apostle Clinton & familyWe welcomed Apostle Eric Clinton, and his wife, Minister Vera, into our Lion and Eagle family today as new affiliates.

Eric Clinton is Apostle and Senior Pastor over God’s Empowering Holistic Outreach Ministries (GEHOM) which he and his wife founded in April 2006. They are based in the DuPort Road  suburb of Monrovia, the capital. They also have a rural project in Grand Gedeh County.

They join Apostle Paul Okere and his wife, Mother Youngor, the leaders of Faith Assembly Outreach Ministries (FAOM) located in the Gardnerville suburb of Monrovia.

GEHOM’s mission is two-fold: first, to reach the unreached through tent revival meetings and house-to-house home cell fellowship, and second, to establish a training school for pastors and leaders to go and train others. They seek to plant churches.

GEHOM has many of the same aims and objectives as FAOM – much needed in Liberia today: reaching out to orphans and widows and displaced people both young and the elderly; seeking to impart job skills through occupational training and to empower people to be job creators. GEHOM seeks to establish agricultural projects to provide people with work as well as to grow food for the hungry. They also seek to provide basic education and medical assistance. One stated objective is to establish a 50 bed pediatric medical center.

12 Dec 2010

Marketplace Apostle

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Springfield, Ohio

We ordained Miguel Ten into our church and ministry today as a marketplace apostle and pastor. We are releasing him to the church at large and to the “business mountain” – one of the seven Eric leading the servicemountains of influence that God identified separately to the late Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ), Loren Cunningham (Youth with a Mission) and the late Francis Schaeffer (American theologian) in 1975.

This year, his company, which he founded in 2002, was recognized by the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce as the Minority Owned Business of the Year and for outstanding attainment by both the House of Representatives and Senate of the State of Ohio. He is a specialist in human resources and a humble man indeed, giving all the glory to Jesus Christ, His Lord and Saviour.

A true apostle, he is a wise master builder laying spiritual foundations and establishing people and good things in the business realm and in the church (1Cor.3:10). He is a “spiritual father” in the faith both in business and in the church (1Cor. ordination4:14-15). He is a biblical counselor, and perfects and encourages the saints. He has all the other biblical qualities that mark him out as an apostle and pastor.

Over the past year, Miguel Ten has counseled three church pastors, six business-owners, and four young men whom he is helping to develop their own businesses, in addition to everything else he does in the church and as President and CEO of his company. God has called him, shaped him, and now commissioned him.

The ordination service took place in Springfield in the beautiful sanctuary of New Hope Foursquare Church by kind permission of Pastor Kevin Moehn. Apostle Miguel will continue at RiverSong Church, Springfield under Pastor Jim Britton for as long as God keeps him there. Pastor Jim fully approved of hiCertificate of Ordinations ordination and indeed assisted in the worship part of the service. Pastor Jim, Pastor Kevin, and others, including several of Miguel’s colleagues and employees, and members of his family, prayed for Miguel during a moving time of open prayer.

We believe God is pleased that we have taken this step and commissioned Miguel to take the business mountain in line with the strategy He revealed in 1975.

The apostle Paul is the supreme example of a marketplace apostle. He was equally at home in a church as in the marketplaces of key towns and cities; and spent little time in a church in his 30-plus years of ministry. His longest stay in any one church was 2 years in Ephesus.