Until October 2014, LaVonne and Eric were serving as custodians of The Coach House in Bexhill Old Town, East Sussex, England.

The Coach House is a Christian retreat and hospitality centre to which people come from all over the  world. The presence of God on the property is literally awesome. Eric and LaVonne managed and lived in the property, where they were available to minister to visitors, and where LaVonne could exercise her considerable gifts of compassion, hospitality and encouragement.

They had to give this up to care for Eric’s elderly father aged 89. His needs are such that he needs constant live-in care; and the stairs in the Coach House made living there with Eric and LaVonne not an option for him.

So this season has ended but in their time in the Coach House they brought about many changes for which many words of love and appreciation were expressed.

Now Eric & LaVonne are engaged in supporting the work of Elim Family Church in Eastbourne, East Sussex, led by Pastor Stephen Smith. This church is pressing in hard for revival.

Eric is full-time in England with his father, while LaVonne is dividing her time between England and church and family in America.