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More, Lord!

Want to cry out from your heart for much more of God? Want to go higher, deeper, further?  Want closer intimacy with God? Often it’s “language” that we lack to match our desire. Use these prayers! They have proved effective for us and for others.

Remember, first get right with God. Repentance is a good thing God has granted us so that we can be cleansed from all unrighteousness (1John 1:9). So confess your sins first. Then set aside an hour or more to be alone with God with no distractions… and cry out to God using these prayers from a sincere heart.

These prayers are intended for the Spirit-filled believer. So be sure you have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. (See how to receive it under Q.4 in Q&As.)


Daily Working the Word

Daily Word-based prayers, declarations, proclamations – call them what you will – that Eric has been speaking out loud for many years, every morning.

God loves to hear them; the devil hates to hear them. They build you up in your most holy faith and create a force-field of power and protection around you for the day ahead. For they are spirit and they are life!

It’s vital to speak them out loud, with faith, for only then do they have creative force. The aim is that by continual repetition they should become memorized and so much a part of you that they’re confessed out of your heart. For confession unto salvation is made only from a believing heart (Romans 10:8,9).

First thing in the morning is the best time; but if your mornings are too crowded and rising earlier is not an option, just say them at the same time every day as suits your schedule. The aim is to get into a routine of saying them.

In Joshua 1:8, the Lord commanded him to meditate on the Word day and night. For then he would be making his way prosperous and he would have good success. See also Psalm 1:2-3. But this is not meditation as we would understand it, i.e. inward mental contemplation. The word translated “meditate” from the original actually means to reflect as one repeats the the words to oneself repeatedly in a low tone of voice. So, do not neglect your daily faith confessions if you want to prosper and enjoy good success!



A Proven Intercessory Prayer Strategy for Your Church or Ministry

Valuable teaching from Pastor LaVonne in two parts: The Prayer Focus and Organizing Prayer Coverage – a strategy for growth for your church or ministry.




Protection & Healing Prayer

A prayer attributed to another which we have found effective and we share it with you.



Grief and Sorrow

A short message by Pastor LaVonne for those who are struggling with griefs and sorrows.



Our Weekly Message

This week’s and last week’s “Message of the Week.” For details and sign-up, go to our Messages page.

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Offering Declarations

These are declarations some churches make corporately as they receive an offering…and which we know from experience do bear fruit in the lives of people who make them in faith. If you make them privately at home, you may of course amend or add to the list to suit your individual circumstances.