Be Dressed: Battle Ready

A POWERFUL NEW DEVOTIONAL by Pastor Eric Bardell available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, i-Tunes, and Christian bookshops worldwide. Published by Covenant Books of South Carolina.

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Whether new to the faith or a seasoned veteran, you will benefit from this book.

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Publisher’s Press Release (click to enlarge)

It is a book that has been described as “like no other”. It is a purposeful tool to help believers clothe themselves with Christ and stand and go on standing in an increasingly stressful and hostile world. 

Every day of their lives, believers are in a spiritual war whether they recognize it or not. If they’re not aware of it, they need to ask God to open their spiritual eyes and understanding or they should examine themselves to see if they are truly living the life that Jesus mandates.

We know that we “battle not against flesh and blood”; and as the world grows ever darker and Christians find themselves increasingly marginalized and persecuted, it is ever more urgent for Christian to enter each day spiritually prepared for battle. They need to be fully armed, battle-dressed and battle-ready.

New believers these days need to hit the ground running. This book helps them do that. It helps them to a fast start.

It helps all believers push back against increasing darkness and the stress of modern living. It surrounds us with a spiritual force field.

By design, it’s just 42 pages, as attention spans these days are short; and also by design, it’s easy to slip inside and carry with your bible.

It’s an easy read, rich in content (with scripture references), and right on time in God’s timing.

We believe it will both meet your need, refresh your spirit and delight your soul.

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